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Eddy & Mandex Patrick 02 Mar 2016
When you purchase a car "The Deal" is never forgotten. If it is a bad deal for you it never goes away. You feel it everytime you look at your car. I made one of "if not the best" purchases of my life (and I've bought a lot of cars) at Paramount Auto of Hickory, NC. This deal came full circle due to ...Kennith Stewart. Oct. 10th - I came onto Paramount's website and looked at their classic cars. I looked and in the inventory, I saw the Pace and all the documentation it had. The write up on it and all their cars is very detailed. Oct. 11th - I called Paramount and talked to Kennith Stewart. I told him what I was looking at. Then I told him what I was I needing to do to purschase a classic car. I had a 2008 Harley Ultra Classic with matching side car. I told him what I wanted and that 2008 was the last year to get a sidecar from from Harley. Kennith said he would talk to the local Harley dealer and see if Paramount would be interested in making a deal and he would call me back. He did call back with good news for me. Kennith always calls back. Oct 16th - I went to Paramount and met Kennith. He's a big man; very warm and easy to get comfortable with. I could tell this is one of his loves. He took me to the location where they keep the classic cars. There were so many, I did not want to count or even try. Kennith asked me if I liked the 78 Pace car. I did but he had a 1994 Corvette Roadster (all black) that I was more attracted to. We talked and I told him I was "old school" ... pre-computer type cars appealed to me. He went into detail on the 1978. I left and drove the 133 miles home after telling him I would call him and let him know. Oct 19th - I called Kennith and told him I made the decision to purchase the 1978 Corvette Pace. He told me what he needed to make the deal and I told him what I wanted. He wanted to see the Harley with side car & documentation. I said I wanted the Corvette on a rack to look underneath and a test ride. Oct 22nd - I arrived at the dealership at about 9:30 am with my motorcycle. Kennith greeted me along with other helpful employees. The Pace car was there in the detail shop and Kennith put it on the rack and pointed to details underneath the car. Kennith's mission is all about customer satisfaction. We went for a drive and the vehicle performed flawlessly. We went back to his office to close the deal and did our paperwork. We were waiting on my credit union to make a wire transfer and his bank to acknowledge it. Kennith took me to lunch, paid for it and left the tip. After lunch Kennith filled my new purchase up with high test 93 octane gas. The transfer had not shown up yet. I had to pick my wife up at 3:00 pm and was running out of time. Kennith talked to the new car manager. He came over and said the delay was not my fault and offered me a new dealership car to go home in and Kennith would deliver my Corvette tomorrow. Just then the transfer went through and I drove my Pace car home. I will also remember this. I have a lot of friends in Nevada and Ohio who have bought classic cars and have read a lot of horror stories about not getting what they thought they bought. Kennith Stewart and Paramount Classic Cars let you know with confidence what your buying. This dealer and employees are a class act. Thank you again Kennith Stewart. You are a "Pro." We will see you again for another purchase. Show more
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John Ganster 02 Mar 2016
Hi Kennith, Can't begin to tell you how much I am enjoying the new old car! I wanted to say thanks for making the long distance purchase of the 1960 Corvette a very pleasant experience. As you know buying a car is a dreaded experience but buying a classic is a completely different one. This was a distance purchase and one done by photos and your service which was timely and always as you said.. It was a risky one that involved a considerable sum of money and one only I would have made through a reputable dealer like Paramount . I would say if possible always go see first hand what you are buying. In my case I trusted what I saw and what I learned about the car through you that I was comfortable in making the purchase without seeing the vehicle personally. Everyone there at Paramount made it easy and forthcoming as possible.. Thank you for making this work for me. If I look to buy or sell another car be assured I will call you for your assistance. Show more
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